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Campaign Champions

Lyndon Abrams
Lyndon Abrams
College of Education

I participate in Giving Green because it's easy and I can consider all of my giving at one time...did I say that it was easy?

Anna Clark
Chancellor's Office, Legal Affairs & Internal Audit

I am proud to work at this institution and appreciate how we encourage support for the community and organizations that help make the surrounding area better. Giving to the organizations makes me feel like I make a difference in the community. 

Clyde Derberry
Clyde Derberry
Division of Business Affairs

I have always believed that by helping others we ultimately help ourselves. It's not the amount given as much as it is the intention with which we act. I am happy to serve as Giving Green C0-Champion for Business Affairs and look forward to a successful campaign.

Denelle Eads
Denelle Eads
Atkins Library

I chose to support the Giving Green Campaign through a financial contribution because when I donate, I feel like I'm helping our community continue to offer programs and cultural experiences that makes Charlotte the great city that it is.

Carol Hartley
Carol Hartley
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

I am honored to be asked to represent the largest college on campus in support of Giving Green. I believe in the power of public education to transform lives, so I choose to contribute to the UNC Charlotte Foundation.

Susan Harvanek
Division of Student Affairs

Giving Green is a great way to support organizations that have made an impact not only in our community but in my life personally. I appreciate the opportunity to serve as a Champion.

Carla Hines
Carla Hines
Housing and Residence Life

I agreed to serve as Giving Green Champion simply because I was asked. My decision to support various charities is based on my life experiences, and Giving Green makes it easy to do so.

Bronwyn Jarsocrak
Bronwyn Jarsocrak
College of Arts + Architecture

Serving as champion gives me a chance to get to know people in my college, while helping the University and the community. I am a huge advocate of education, especially pertaining to the Arts, and I like to give back when I can.

Tamara Johnson
Tamara Johnson
Academic Affairs

Donating to Giving Green is a way to show support for the organizations that work every day to make our community stronger.

Daniel Jones
The Graduate School

I support Giving Green because I know how important it is to give back to UNC Charlotte.  I am also an alumnus, and I know the value of fellowships and student oriented programs.  

Sandy Krause
College of Computing and Informatics

I appreciate the opportunity to serve my college and my community. I believe it is important to be part of something bigger than yourself and appreciate that Giving Green provides everyone with an opportunity to give back.

Jared Moon
Division of University Advancement

I believe the greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassion of its members. A true community is about feeling connected and responsible for what happens. Giving Green affords us the opportunity to not only build a stronger community but to make an impact. And every little bit helps!

Alicia Morris
College of Health and Human Services

This is my third year serving in the role of Giving Green Champion in the CHHS. I am proud to work for an organization that encourages its employees to give back and volunteer in our community.

Whitney Paschal
Whitney Paschal
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

I support Giving Green because it is a great and easy way to give to organizations that give so much to our community.

Lee Perkins
Lee Perkins
Belk College of Business

I choose to support Giving Green because as an alumnus I want to help empower Niner Nation to support their local communities.

Scott Plunkett
Division of University Advancement

I'm supporting Giving Green because it's a great way to support my alma mater!  This campaign is a great way to give back to various organizations that help make our community a great place to live and work.

Ron Smelser
Ron Smelser
The William States Lee College of Engineering

Giving Green is one opportunity to say thank you for all that I have been given by working at UNC Charlotte.

Chris Thomasson
Chris Thomasson

Since I started at UNC Charlotte 12 years ago, being a part of the university community has been incredibly important to me personally and professionally. I work daily with student-athletes and understand the impact giving back to our university has on each one of them. My hope is that through Giving Green, we can continue to create opportunities for our students and make an impact on our community as well.

Lloyd Tiamfook
Business Affairs

I choose to support the Giving Green Campaign because it allows me to easily give back to my community. By volunteering and donating, I have an opportunity to meet others around campus while working together to support our community.

Chip Yensan
Chip Yensan
Academic Affairs

I have a strong sense of pride in UNC Charlotte. Participating in the Giving Green Campaign is one way I choose to strengthen my connection with UNC Charlotte and to contribute to its continued success and recognition on both a local and global level.